Tuesday, October 23, 2018

"Extremism in defense of liberty -"

I despise the Republican establishment as strongly as, or more so than, anybody else. We have countless posts about their atrocities. I generally concur. The one reason I have for going after establishment Democrats is that they too often give in and enable the coarsening of our social fabric. Democrats gave us The New Deal and other safety net gains, but did not protect them enough. Now, when persons like me protest the loss, we are branded extremists, unrealistic - whatever. Millions of citizens grew up after the safety net was allowed to erode and thus have no memory of what it is like to be protected that way. The past was never perfect. There were issues then not adequately addressed. But, there at least was a potential for correcting some of the flaws that no longer exists. If we don't stand up, collectively, we will be forced to kneel, collectively.

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