Sunday, June 23, 2019

Political Cartoonists

I find political cartoons these days too depressing to give a cursory glance. Not their fault, I guess. They don't have much to draw upon but the collapse of a fond illusion and pending downfall of a predatory empire. If I were a public figure I would be hustled from view in a hurry. My disillusion began, believe it or not, the day I realized Lyndon Johnson stood to be elected VICE president. I felt a dark presentement when I heard his name mentioned in that capacity. After that I could never warm up to JFK. Since then it has been one disillusion after another. No truly progressive leader is ever allowed to stand up for very long. I have not given up on Bernie Sanders' campaign, but the forces gathered against him are formidable. Oddly, the Democrats decrying of Republicans voting against their own best interests is a slogan that can now be applied to many Democrats.

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