Monday, February 28, 2011

The Great Blue Ocean Dawned

The great blue ocean dawned
Like a mouth that yawned
Then froze and the world flooded in
Raucus cries and glided wings
Sticks with sails billowing
Then sylvan clouds that scudded in

The eyes of seeing saw the bend
Of time upon the ocean's skin
Saw the eruptions of snouts and fins
And the see-er laughed with rain
And set a funnel on the ocean plain
Smiling sent in sweeping drying wind

The ocean's time grew gray and old
As sun and world grew small and cold
Gulls took to the piers to stand in balls
Sails in tattered silhouettes
Porpoise in tired pirouettes
And the yawn closed its sleepy jaws

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Rat in the Pantry

Listen! Hear the rat in the pantry?
Hear him bustle then chew;
Hear him rustle anew?
What ruse gave him entry
To make his raid on my pantry?

And yet he would think him ill used,
If I stalked his nest,
Seeking all his best,
Leaving shit and refuse,
Simply because it's what I choose.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Poetry of Despair

I dreamt a poetry of despair,
Saw armies marching to declare:
World with no peace.
I awoke to a sadness of scenes:
Cities in rubble; men without means;
Wars without cease.
I stood upon a family's ashes,
And cursed the demon that lashes:
Monster obese!
And a hundred screaming missiles
Came raining like the fall thistles
To speak their piece.

Friday, February 25, 2011

A Child's Drawing

The bold crayon figure child scrawl
Pinned on its paper against the wall
Has a grin that cracks its head
Wide open four teeth tongue of red
Arms short and hands two scribbles
Feet lost in grass of dots and dribbles

Thursday, February 24, 2011

To a Wanderer

Today I put ink in the sailboat
That you might leave translucent trails
In your erratic wandering
For you always set sail when the moat
Is dark; you might run off the rails
Your good karma squandering


I love to look upon your gentle face
I laugh when you upset the vision of grace
I have set for you
It makes you the more complex and human
It sets me aware I'm dealing with a woman
Not some dream untrue

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Tower

He stood like a tower at the crest of the valley,
His eyes like furtive little streams, his breath like the mountains.
Long he did contemplate and longer he did dally,
But in the end the tower bent west to the fountains,
To the gulleys and the springs and the great stone alleys.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Unsitted

There is never going to be concensus
Internal turpitude prevents us
Best not preaching to the committed
But to offer a good seat to the unsitted


Pillows on the waves; clouds scudding low:
Poseidon at his nap; turtles at his toes.
Lighthouse in his eyes;
Raucous gulls' hungry cries;
Yet, he grins; all is well is what he knows.

Monday, February 21, 2011


I blue moon in a reserve of flashes
Lone coyote I canyon in ashes
Await the plane in mirror that plashes
Gently against the sand

A herald woman of angel on clouds
Mambo she curve among stark gray crowds
Heart wings in solo flight on cool shrouds
Sharing me along the strand

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dear Geraldine

Dear Geraldine,
Once called Jellybean,
In bygone playful banter;
Remember the garden in Rockport,
The house I built, to our discomfort,
Our game of taunt the taunter;
How you and Sam recieved the report
And moved away from our Rockport,
Gone to live in Rhode Island?

The seasons changed,
As we rearranged
Expectations and and perceptions.
We had both fun and agony after I wed,
And Opal, and I packed our belongings and sped
Into a life of personal deceptions,
Visiting you and Sam in our quest that only led
To an end both spiritually and physically dead.
But you and Sam thrived in Rhode Island.

I regret the time of personal pain,
That urged me to break the chain
And curtail our friendship.
My new life was constantly breaking down
And I felt I had all but lost my favorite clown,
Dear Sam, adjusting his lip;
I see that your life has improved and broken new ground,
As my own life has favorably turned around:
Forgive, as we are not meant to live as islands.

Sunday, 5 October, 2003

The Gentle People

I love you people
Who want to be gentle:
Not that you're sheeple,
Or have problems mental;
You demonstrate
That there's another way.
Your minds create;
Each day's a hopeful day.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Flower Liberation

Can a flower enter a garden,
Unbidden by the gardener's toil;
Conversely, is he just a warden,
To chain a flower to his soil?
Flower liberation:
I would give them motor bikes;
Flower determination;
Any lifestyle the blossom likes.

The Bad Wittow Boy

I'm a bad wittow boy
Playing with fluids like a toy
Disgusting is entertaining
When did pertaining
To little girls

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Death Came With Gentle Jaws

Death came with gentle jaws
And stealth into the room
Soon leaving on padded paws
Reeking a spell of doom

My True Love

The silver in my true love's hair
The sparkle in her eyes of green
The age lines in her skin so fair
Her graceful ways have always been

She takes me in her web of love
She makes me want to love her more
She sets my soul so far above
The day that sets forevermore

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Loom of Autumn Time

Quail in the loom of autumn time dream;
Quilt of gold laced in the green;
Coolness: evening zephyr does stream
O'er the mirror lake; does seem
You dress with such grace, my Queen.

But I Like the Little Crabs

But I like the little crabs.
They got claws that grabs
They got mouths that frowns
They sidle off like clowns

Monday, February 14, 2011

By the Great Blue-Green Sea

Adjectives by the great blue-green sea,
Its waves crashing on the rocks,
Its gulls clawing at the froth; swift beaks
Nick the waves; fishers on its docks:
It laps at the feet of boy and girl,
Who arm in arm race with crabs,
Then dance away with a splash and whirl,
Bear away sea dribbles and dabs.

The Rain Cloud

I wandered, a dark, full, rain cloud,
Across a bombed and cratered land.
I remained high above the genocide smoke,
Keeping my body clean, prepared to soak
The ashes littering the blood stained sand,
That roses might bloom, tall, free and grand.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Nile

How green was my Nile
When Egyptian queens
Sailed slowly by
How green all the while
Their Egyptian jeans
Then caught my eye
They were on a roll
That year as I recall
Pharoh won his Super Bowl
Sphinx's nose had yet to fall

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Zipper

Of all the crazy nights to dream of God
(On a lazy night in the land of Nod)
Chasing trains of peace along the zipper road
Peace ain't funny
Death comes running
Along the zippered road
I pray to God
Peace wheel's turning
When I see around this bend
(When I get to the zipper's end)


Seep, my love,
Into her pores,
Into her veins
Into her very stains.

Mauve Her Eye

Mauve her eye,
In the silver silicon morn.
Dons her bra,
One cup at a time; cosmos torn.


The migrant must roam,
But in his mind's eye
Sees etherial home:
Note that secret sigh.

Ever strong and stoic,
With backs like granite;
Efforts heroic,
On Scarab's Planet.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Ridge Rider

As I lay sleeping this morning
My girl woke me out of my bed
When I lay sleeping this morning
My girl rolled me out of my bed
When I lay snoozing this morning
My girl shoved me out of my bed
"Ride out on the ridge darling"
Is exactly what she said

I got up and put on my trousers
I already had boots on my feet
I got up and put on my sweater
I already had my spurs on my feet
I got up and put on my sombrero
I already had my brogans on my feet
I saddled my pony went traveling
The morning air smelt mighty sweet

I rode on the ridge all morning
Before I came home to my girl
I stopped on the way at the bunkhouse
To tell the hands I love my girl
I tied up my pony at the bunkhouse window
I saw the hands already knew my girl
I looked in and saw them loving
The one love I had in this whole wide world

I rode back on the ridge a bawling
And herded my cows all away
I came back and burned down the bunkhouse
And I rode my pony away
I threw a rope on the windmill
And pulled it down fore I went away
I said good-bye to my darling
Rode cross the ridge with my cows, hey hey

If the Sky Breaks

If the sky breaks cheese,
When you're on a windy street;
An ensuing explosion
Then rocks you off of your feet:
What do you bellow at the light:
Good Morning Viet Nam?
What do you cough up on the nurse:
We will get Saddam?
If the pork bellies explode
Will your poor world then implode?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Night That I Was Born

The night that I was born
Hunters killed the mischievous unicorn
Boiled and then barbecued
Leftovers later were stewed
On the side ears of corn
The night that I was born

The moon chewed and dog-eared
Hung like a balloon an arrow had speared
Bloodied in the early dawn
Pulled down as the devil's spawn
Spread a curse upon the morn
The night that I was born

Spider webs laid in haste
Where the little beasts ran and were chased
Before jewels in the dew
The running sun did spew
Then melted hate that was formed
The night that I was born