Monday, September 19, 2011

oh the sweetness of your little home

oh the sweetness of your little home
in evenings when the hearth is warmth
and the nursing child is at your breast
he at the threshold arrived like ulysses

Sunday, September 18, 2011

the sunny eye

cellophane sky
a sunny eye
of cyclops sun
egg on bun

Saturday, September 17, 2011

seaweed dreams

seaweed dreams on the ocean floor
lazy weeds beneath the constant roar
as wind and waves assault the shore
and ever was and evermore

Friday, September 16, 2011

the beast in the cupboard

the beast in the cupboard
was hiding from me
strangled it with a lamp cord
te he hee hee he

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Morning Peeks Out

Morning peeks out
Behind a cloud
The daisies shout
Because they're proud

They've washed today
They'll soon dry out
The bees at play
Are on their route

The sun gets high
The clouds are blown
The daisies sigh
Where love has shone

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ginsburg meditation

Ginsburg meditation
a rock on the pentagon
's lawn

Ginsburg ride
the el to heaven
glide down
a cowboy on a rocket

crash on illusion
crash all his hopes
when world went on

went on


where thinking's a crime

where thinking's a crime
where erstwhile the revered poet
his golden chime
falls upon audience of sullen withdrawn crowds
most brackish clime
spits ugly
with eyes that blackish shine
you fall back to wondering
in shaky repose
of sickly fearfully collective souls
of souls that huddle in bins
rodently cunning
gnawing and shitting
spread plague with their running
they splash in the sunlight and hurdle your spear
they fall down a bunghole and dissappear

Friday, September 9, 2011

A Kid

A kid sees in the movies
What a real kid never sees
And he hears songs about things
That a real kid never sings

And he hears tales on t.v. shows
Sees films made while real blood flows
And all his friends shirk and they ditch school
They smoke and they drink 'cause it's cool

When one kid shoots another kid
Well take a look at what we did
We glorify evil things
From loose sex to a murderous fling

We tell lies go in disguise
When one gets caught he cries
Though I'm to blame don't punish me
I'll bear no responsibility

In small things the demons lurk
Folks want to have cash but not to work
Ya know a kid lives in a small world
And that's where the garbage gets hurled

A kid knows just what he sees
And that's the thing he believes
All your words will miss him
As in they have no mission

You will know you have failed in the end
When he cries I don't know you my friend
As he sees in you the fool
He rebels against your rule

But a man will shrug and be dumb
Unable to reach out to his son
He will feel the truth at the end
It's when he reaps the whirlwind

Ah you just go on do your thing
My words won't matter or even sting
But I'll see you later down the line
I hope your tale won't parallel mine

Saturday, September 3, 2011

tomorrow soctober


i didn't want it to show
didn't want it to happen
the summer srunning away
chased by cloud sof winter

oh do linger
my dear september
my life sfirst chapter start
swith you

shadow sin winter
creeping longer each year
shade sfrom september
dear dead september

Friday, September 2, 2011


Here is something I wrote in 1969. I view it as a failed effort, but some might find something of interest in the reading of it.

The monkeys in the graveyard
Were fallen from the trees
They danced around the headstones
Over molding Autumn leaves
Becoming wild and evil
The more they moved around
Until the haze of Satan
Hung heavy on the ground

And all the rays of Heaven
Were gold beyond a rainbow
And all the graves were dungeons
The sky was very very cold

It was then with fire the creatures
Raised their hands to Satan
And praised his name and kingdom
And named him as the great one

Then all the souls were taken
From their cells and shaken
Like pepper in a cauldron
But no savior did awaken

The monkeys filled the treetops
And fled the blue of morning
They left on every marker
The mournful graven warning:
Your life is but an island
In a sea of darkness
The water's eating up the island
With each spiteful kiss
Welcome to the darkness
To the all alluring darkness