Monday, December 28, 2015

Colloidal Silver

About fifteen or more years ago, I began taking daily doses of colloidal silver. I felt I noticed benefits from it right away. Food that made my stomach upset, colds and sniffles. It helped in many ways. In the succeeding years, I have not had colds or flu. In fact, I have not been to a doctor for illness. Any time I feel I am in danger from germs or viruses, I increase the dosage. Once, when a bat bit my finger, and the saliva began making around my fingernails form scab-like crusts, I drank two and a half bottles of it, over a three day period. My fingers got better within the first hour.

I have had people absolutely lose it, in online forums, because I not only have used it to great benefit, as I noted, they can't shake my testimony. My wife used to act like she feared colloidal silver and she refused to try it. But, every time she ate at a restaurant that gave her even a touch of food poisoning, I got her to take a good dose. It always saved a trip to the doctor. Now she uses it almost as much as me. Same story with my son. He acted like I was trying to poison him. But he recognized the relief right away.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

No Comprender

I buy products from a company in Ecuador. The company relocated there to avoid repeated harassment from government officials, when it was in Louisiana. The products are great, but, they don't like him selling the kind of herbal products he handles. I vouch for them, after being a customer for quite a few years. Which is not the subject of this post.

It used to take about two weeks to get my packages from there. Now it takes three. Which I am content with. About a year and a half ago, we got a new mail carrier, to put our mail in the bank of mail boxes near the neighborhood entrance. Problem is, he does not care if I get my packages or not. I became aware of this, after I had to contact the company in Ecuador, to inform them the one was many days late. By return email, they informed me that my package had been in the post office, waiting for me to pick it up and was on the verge of being returned to Ecuador.

It did no good to complain to his boss. The carrier refused to put a notice in my box and he refused to try to deliver it to my door. I have a loose dog. This last part, I understand. I complained on the USPS website. For one package, they did everything by the book. Then, went back to the old, screw the guy routine. And, they took away my ability to complain, without phone-calling the big Post Office, in DC.

The last time, I had it sent in care of a friend's house. She got the package, right when it was expected. But, now, the USPS website cannot track my packages. And I triple checked the accuracy of the number. They acknowledge it is a number from Ecuador, but it always notes, Item Not Found. I got the package today, but the website still reads Item Not Found.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Write on Schedule

Still on schedule with my book. NaNoWriMo instilled some lasting discipline in what I am doing, and the speed has not made my writing quality suffer. I have no money to pay for professional editing. If anybody has any notion how to get that by other means, please message me. 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Flower People

I was never a hippie, Never utilized the Flower Power. I was on the same side of the spectrum, sort of. But, I knew, even then, a lot of participants were not politically savvy or committed to any sustainable movements. They were in it for: 1.) fun; 2) because of peer pressure; and, 3) because they did not want to be plowed under by the machinery of a senseless war.

I became a participant in the Peace Movement. Immediately after Kent State, I saw the movement dry up, all but the Vietnam Veterans Against the War. We went from there, inexorably, to what we have now, which is the antithesis of the Peace Movement. As soon as Lyndon Johnson left office, the peace guys were being overruled anyway, by Nixon and his ilk. Kent state showed people did not have to go to 'Nam, to get plowed under. And, so, Flower Power wilted and the Peace Movement left with it.   

Two Faces of Gun Control

1. The average gun owner realizes that rules and regulations will not strip him of gun ownership. He still can have guns for self defense, target practice and hunting. He knows that gun laws can cut down on some of the violence. That it cannot cure everything associated with gun crime is a given. But he is willing to take it as far as it goes, and to look for a number of other type solutions to help more.

2. The insanity enters the equation, when you figure in the fears and suspicions of a sizable number of mostly white people. Demagogue politicians play on their fears, to get elected to office, because it is a gravy train to get in. Any nut job can get elected by these gun nuts, so long as they allow unfettered weapons ownership. The NRA payoff to the politicians is enormous, and the money and fear feed the system. It has become a cult that will never give up a single "right" without a fight and plenty of real bullets fired. The media is mostly controlled by sympathizers to the nut job politicians. They echo the nut job politicians. There is a wider system of payoffs that sees to it these same politicians work to destroy the safety net and to make the richest people even richer, which brings in the religious fanatics to the base, as well. It is destabilizing the entire government structure, except the part that feeds the military-Industrial Complex.

It is the prime purpose of the nut job politicians to keep the base stirred up, and if that results in an old west mentality of shoot first and ask questions later, so be it. I am not in a position to know how best to proceed, but, breaking the NRA and finding a way to silence the nut job politicians figures high on the list of right things to do. There are many persons with better education and position to devise a plan of action. Just beware of false prophets, as they say.   

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Today (Sunday)

Sundays with my wife (and Rocky, the dog), are the best for me. It is the only day we spend, mostly together. We get up when we feel like it. Eat a special breakfast. Put on the football game, even if nobody watches. Check out our computer activities. Probably go to a store or shop of some kind. Usually, but not always, have a pizza for dinner. For lunch, we just snack around. We may run the dishwasher, maybe do a load of laundry, but, mostly, it's a lazy day. I still find time to write, and, today, I have surpassed my goal and possibly can double the count. Feeling good, physically, because I exercise every day. For a brief period, I quit with the physical stuff and wanted only to lie around, or sleep. I think that was because I started a program meant to cleanse out the toxins within me. Not sure, but I don't intend to let it happen again. All in all, a sunny, pleasant day.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Arguing on Facebook

Facebook is a place most people I know go to try and have a pleasant time with friends, family and news feed. Persons such as me don't fit very well. I put out my political and social views much too often. Some friends avoid me. Some friends and family no longer allow me on their Facebook at all. I have really only had about three arguments, but I can't resist the pointed comment, when the subject is guns, Ted Cruz, or Hillary Clinton. An instance: A post promoting Ted Cruz. I posted, "I would like to see him in charge of picking up doggy poop around the building." At the same instant I posted this, an in-law was posting on the same story, to the effect that Cruz, elected, would be the savior of the nation. I never saw him on Facebook, again.

So, I log on during the day, hoping for nice things, but vital issues are always popping in. I have gotten better about "sharing" as many controversial items, but not enough to undo the damage to myself that I have caused.

My friend, calling himself PDiddie, gives them hell, and I love his posts too much not to join in.

One other thing muting my full voice on Facebook is the presence of so many kids, at least the potential for same. They already are exposed to thousands more of life's intricacies, and vile behavior, than any kids I grew up among. When I was a kid, I was kept ignorant about most things. Now, I don't know how much is too much.

I have tried other sites, but  none are to my liking, either. Don't want to argue with trolls. Don't want to be disciplined. Guess I will drift along, for the time being, until something significant occurs.   

Friday, December 4, 2015

My First School

I Googled my first school and was pleasantly surprised that it looks the same as I remember it, from more than 65 years ago. I was turning six, when registered. We attended half days, because there was an overcrowding problem.I saw a photo of the auditorium, where I saw the Shirley Temple movie of Heidi, on the movie screen they probably have still.

How I Love the Good Old Golden Sunshine

We have our first really nice day in a long time. I had to set up a chair in the full sun, this morning, and just sit. I noticed, when still working at the apartments, that none of the older people went out for sunshine, ever. I vowed that I would always get about fifteen minutes of it, daily, when at all possible, after retirement. It has been difficult, lately, until now. The sun makes me feel more energetic and somehow causes me to feel cheerful.

No Point to the Story

I received a call, at almost six thirty, last evening. The light was a bit dim, so I could not see the caller's number. Turns out, the number my phone picked up was 46. The voice on the other end of the call had a thick accent. He said something like, "You wanted to buy viagra -" Instantly, I ended the call. No point to make. Just another incident in the electronic world we participate in, daily.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Being Retired

With no schedule mandated by others, I very nearly lost my way. Began sitting more, letting the house go, paying less attention to my dog (Rocky), sleeping more, personal care lapsing. I had to take myself by the scruff of the collar and even threaten to kick my ass, if I did not reform my ways. It worked, at least temporarily. When I wake up, I have my garlic and raw honey. Prepare my Amazon products for ingestion with breakfast, spritz with MMS, sit down with coffee. Soon, I eat breakfast. Lately, that consists of Cheerios, freshly ground flax seed, whole organic milk, raw honey. Within the next hour, I ride the stationary bike on the porch and play with barbells and hand exercisers. I may or may not have a nap, after that. Then I go in the yard with Rocky and I do some household work or craft work for a bit. Interspersed with this I frequently check into Facebook. Lunchtime is fairly simple, mostly. I snack out of the fridge or cook eggs or something. Take more Amazon product. Spritz more.

By this time I have begun opening up the word processor. Sometimes I make my mark early. Sometimes it takes all day long. By one o'clock, I put on coffee to have with the wife, when she gets home. Most of the afternoon is a mix of household chores, interactions with wife, Facebook, novel writing and TV. And, time in the yard with Rocky.

I mold my evening around my wife and myself, but still write and go on facebook. Today I need to go to town and get Rocky's flea/heart worm med.  

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


So, the "contest" has ended, and I am trying to keep the same work ethic, demanded by the rigors of the month long grind. Yesterday was not hard. Today, a turn in the story made starting a little difficult. In pre-NaNo times, I likely would have bogged down, for perhaps days, before getting another hundred words. Knowing that giving in for one day could pull the lynch pin on the entire process, I made myself stick it out. I surpassed the projected total by a mere 25 words. But, by Jeffries, I kept the process alive.

A Self Publishing House

I was solicited today, by phone, by AuthorHouse, a self publishing company. The voice at the other end sounded like maybe a Pakistani. Hard to follow the words. As I had not invited anybody to call me, I felt suspicious and hung up on them. Had to google the phone # to learn who it was. It's okay. I don't have any business to conduct with them.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

My Story

I wish I could write about this novel and share it with my friends. But, I don't want to use up my inspiration in a blog, when it should be employed to further actual progress toward a successful end. I also do not intend to give away the plot, for a number of reasons. The main one being, it has X content. I don't want my real name, or my well known pen names, associated with it. I would be uncomfortable, if my daughters read any of it and knew it was me thinking like that.

As a young man, I was attracted to the less conventional, in literature. I avidly read Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsburg and much I no longer recall the titles of. But it was Henry Miller that really caught my imagination. The Tropics trilogy and The Rosy Crucifixion, as well as Big Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch, are as fresh and vital in my mind as the same days I first read them. I mentioned to a brother that I would love to write a book in the vein of Henry's Tropic of Cancer. He replied that I would be promptly disowned, should I manage that. Well, big brother; it is half way accomplished.

Not that I have appropriated Henry Miller's style or content. I am but utilizing self expression as freely as Miller called on a generation of writers to employ. I will only hint that my novel tells the odyssey of a man, whose life is in flux, and whose goals seem thwarted at every turn.

Other writers that inspired me are James Joyce and D. H. Lawrence, but, not in the same way or to the same degree.