Saturday, February 27, 2016

Don't Force It. Get a Bigger Hammer.

I am continually amazed at folks who try to put together jigsaws without the, for me, obligatory hammer and scissors. Then there are the handymen who can put together the new pc desk without any pieces left over. How do they do that? Is it just me or does everyone break their new flashlight the first time they change the battery? And how is it possible to weedeat along a wire fence without exhausting the supply of string the first four feet? How do you shave with an electric razor? They just glide over my whiskers and I end up using the old Bic. While we're at it, could someone please explain why my five year old grandson can operate every bit of electronic equipment in the house better than I can?

Next door lady: "My refrigerator leaks inside." I find leaking food containers, remove them.
Next day she says: "It kept on leaking so I bought a new one."
Two days later: "My new refrigerator leaks just like the old one did." I find a plastic milk jug full of water with a steady drip drip at its bottom.
At least I am not the only one who can't master the modern technology.

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