Saturday, May 21, 2016

At 73

Already, I have lived forty three years longer than my older brother. Seventeen years longer than my mother. Forty years longer than my father. It tells me how precarious is life and I take it as a caution to do it right, what time I have left. I felt relatively young, until age fifty, at which time, my health began heading south. I made drastic changes and began to feel healthy enough after that, but I knew at last I was getting old. I look back at my fifties with envy, now, at 73. I have to keep busy every day, which ends being like running very hard to remain in the same place. 

I attacked my job with the enthusiasm of the young, all the way until retirement, just about one year ago. Coping with learning how to be old did not intervene until after that. Ask any ancient human being how to live a long life and the answers will be as varied as the faces of those who answer. In my case, physical exercise, mental gymnastics, and experimenting with different food and substances (not drugs) have been keeping me going. Lately, my stomach has gotten larger, which tells me I am doing some things wrong. When I mowed the grass today, I felt discomfort caused by my stomach. I was breathing too hard at the end. So I know to adjust my diet and exercise until it gets smaller.


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