Friday, September 2, 2016

Okay, I admit I am old.

I have not gotten used to being an old man. I still do the same things I always did, just not as fast or gracefully. It irritates me to be viewed differently because I don't look so fresh. I feel sheepish owning up to this little story, but, a few weeks back, while awaiting our turn to be checked out in the grocery store, I tilted my head back a bit so that I could see the covers of the varied publications that fill the rack near the checkout station. Then went straight again. A minute or two later, I repeated the action, because I wanted to verify that I recalled a headline accurately. At that point a checker about twenty five feet away paused in her checking and looked directly at me, as I righted myself the second time. Because I am not used to thinking like an old man, I felt flattered that she looked at me. Imagine my secret embarrassment to realize she actually was fearing I was about to pass out on the spot and was debating the options.

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