Sunday, October 22, 2017

Astros Rule

When I was a boy, broadcast companies did not have a national network and there were no local TV stations until I was twelve. I never read the sports pages (mostly read the comics) and listened to radio for the music (daytime) and entertainment programs such as the Great Gildersleve and The Lone Ranger. So, the baseball news I heard was extremely limited. The only real buzz was for the N Y Yankees and the Brooklyn Dodgers and occasionally I heard about Willie Mays hitting homers. With such dazzling stars as Mantle, Berra and the like, it was natural for me to become a Yankees fan. And I have been a Yankees fan ever since. The only team I love more is the Astros. I am extremely gratified that within my lifetime a World Series championship may be within their grasp.             

Friday, October 20, 2017

I Pledge Allegiance ...

Here's something I find odd. This blog gets more visitors from Russia than the United States. Honest: I am not colluding. Here it is, in order of numbers of viewers. I am curious to know if other bloggers using are having similar results.

United States