Thursday, August 2, 2018


Establishment type Democrats have moved so far from the politics that made America work for everybody that they don't recognize democracy anymore. Progressives are considered not just radical, but the enemy, to be fought as hard as they fight Trump. They fight Trump in a public way that acts out their trauma over this human wrecking ball. But in practice they have no fight in them to resist changes he is making.

Progressives - liberals, I call us - stand for the New Deal and Medicare, updated to the times. This makes us traitors to the Democratic Party?

The Democrats started to weenie their way through life with the coming of Reaganism. They were the keepers of the New Deal, but they gradually allowed it all to melt away to a hollow resemblance of the progress the people once held and could rely on. They began to imitate the Republicans in many ways. Bill Clinton would usurp Republican ideas, to the fury of Republicans and the delight of Democrats. I never understood why Republicans hate him so. He made their ascension possible. Warmongers who take big money bribes began taking over the party. Now, they talk somewhat like Democrats of old, but only superficially give a shit about the base. They've driven away the white male vote, while doing little for the minorities, meaning they can't be trusted anymore. Only moving back to where they once were can they regain the people's trust. By going all out progressive.