Friday, September 28, 2018

Today I Will Work on My Novel

Yesterday I spent in mourning for our political process. I was unable to function online, more than minimally. It was a lost day in every sense. This morning I waded through dozens of yesterday's posts, deleting both good and bad. I am about resigned that things are not going to get better, because too many voters no longer know what "better" means. I am clearing out as much negativity from my PC as I can this morning, so that I can write once again. At 76 I am too old to waste my remaining time feeding my mind with daily disappointment. You younger people must bear the burden older generations have created for you. It is up to you to formulate some truths upon which to build new politics. The future is yours - or not - depending on your own actions. You will get no help from we the PERPETRATORS.  

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