Monday, February 25, 2019

Bernie and the Stats

Every Democrat for President, 2020:
"You don't need to vote for Bernie. As of now, WE are Bernie."

Bernie: "With the exception that, after the election, I am the only one guaranteed to still be Bernie."

Thursday, February 14, 2019


In a way, I am glad that IIhan Omar has been attacked, albeit unjustly, over criticizing AIPAC, as she did. It forcibly brings that group to the fore, in public awareness, as never before. It is my hope that more people, as a result, will come to the same conclusion she did.

In years past, I avoided commenting on Israel's government, for fear I would also be called an anti-semite. But they are openly criminal in their endeavors, to the extent I can no longer let it go un-protested. I urge every non involved person to become informed and to bring your voice into the fray.  

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Filed Income Taxes yet?

I did and my expected yearly refund is no more.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

On Flood Prevention

When fighting for flood prevention, many people asked why we didn't have some common-sense solutions. I went into detail about local, state, and national officials. We discussed Oliverson (his bio which says he doesn't like rules or regulations) the TCEQ (appointed by the governor), Commissioners' Court (Radack and Cagle). It is very complicated due to boundaries, jurisdictions, etc., but the bottom line is most people complained about problems that could be solved (or lessened), then voted for the people that continue to be funded by developers, MUDs, realtors, engineers (getting paid by the county). It takes time for people to read and understand. Instead, they seem to vote after listening to lies, ads, and their emotions without searching for the truth. Finally, I am seeing some articles(I have discussed this many times with Chronicle writers and the Community Impact) about where the politicians are getting their funding. Kudos to the new Harris County Judge Hidalgo for NOT taking money from developers, MUDS, etc.. Silence from Comm. Radack on that subject. His Pct. 3 has/had so much land that could have been used for flood prevention upstream for decades, but instead nothing but development in the worst areas. He is still ignoring Pct. 3's needs. They want local property taxes, then they wait for federal disaster money.