Saturday, March 9, 2019

My Quarrel with Democrats

     Mainstream Democrats have long been the focus of my ire. It's more like a lover's quarrel, in that I view that party as our last bastion of hope.

     The moment Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal came into existence, the seeming equality between workers and corporations began to decay; for, the dynamics that created the safety net began to get taken advantage of early on. A bureaucracy fed like greedy hogs on the programs, while corporate interests partnered with Republicans to transfer the wealth and power back to the wealthy. While it is important to know how it all went down, there are numbers of treatises that say it much more thoroughly than I ever could.

     Mainstream Democrats have had countless opportunities to stop the rot, but they have compromised and sold out so many times that the party itself could be on the brink of extinction. After all, they have surrendered practically every phase of government to conservatives and corporations.

     What used to be the political center, under the New Deal and The Great Society, is now called radical, by said Democrats. Politicians such as Bill and Hillary Clinton, as well as Barak Obama, have pursued Republican policies for the most part, while throwing a few bones to the base, because that's where the money is. Too many good people have grown up with this disintegrating social structure and think the losses are normal, because there is no memory of how it was.  It was not utopia, but most classes had the kind of parity that combined to make this the richest, most powerful nation in history. There were efforts to help the rest catch up.

     2016 may have been the final breaking point, in our loss of democracy. Too many Democrats attack liberalism, just to protect the status quo. It is a tribalism similar to the Republican brand and those two together do a dance of chaos.

    We will not know for certain until 2020, whether democracy is truly dead.     

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