Thursday, April 18, 2019

My vote belongs to me

Many online friends and adversaries are telling me 2020 is about getting Trump out of office. Period. The only priority. They make it as though the Democrats can put up any sh#t candidate of their choosing and I simply MUST vote the person in.

In the first place, getting the man out of the White House may be important, but it is not the number one necessity. Whoever replaces him has to make the decisions that will keep a second such ogre out.

Unfortunately, corporate Democrats have not that resolve. Bill, and the other, Clinton has turned the Democratic party into the poor cousin of the GOP. They get paid regardless how or who the government runs. They are putting roadblocks, as I write, to ensure the gravy train does not get derailed. They are backing the notion that Roosevelt's New Deal is radical and would be unobtainable, even if it made sense.

By now, the progressive reader will know exactly what I am on about and will need no further explanation. We know they seek to repeat the primary result of 2016. Whether or not they succeed in denying the progressive, one thing they have achieved with me: As Nixon and Reagan soured me on ever voting for another Republican, the Clintons have soured me on ever voting for another corporate Democrat. I would go Green before rewarding their criminality. It is as much their fault as the Republicans that we no longer have nice things.     

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