Saturday, May 25, 2019

Note From Eric Jackson

What does it tell me? (And I believe it to be likely true.)
1. This 'historic opportunity to elect a Democrat, if only we get some centrist who doesn't offend anybody' routine is crap. We need candidates who stand for something and who are forward-looking rather than nostalgic to drive voter turnout -- both in the primaries and in the general election.
2. Congress still gets low ratings, and active membership AS DEMOCRATS is not growing so much. There is a huge lack of trust out there, which extends to the Democratic leadership, corporate mainstream media that generally endorse Democrats and many sorts of stereotypical Democratic politicians.
3. Corporate Democrats buy all sorts of pollsters and number crunchers and few are as dumb in their choices as Hillary was. (EVEN If some of that miserable crowd have found jobs for this cycle.) Biden knows the general score. So do Schumer, Pelosi, Cuomo, Hoyer and so on. So Biden starts to tack a little, in such predictably quarter-step ways. Those who continue to say that issues don't matter will disappear. And voters coming out of the woodwork who don't adore the old Democratic leadership are why there is the DCCC blacklist against activists and consultants not under their control, the complete phobia in the Democrats Abroad global leadership against anyone and anything that might disrupt the old social circle and that same sort of thing in state party after state party.
4. In the face of this a whole lot of money has been spent on vilification and there will be an awful lot more. We can't ignore this but we need to snipe with great precision rather than throw bombs in response. Boris and Natasha jokes are fine, but the use of the word "Russiagate," the indiscriminate identification of Republicans with Putin, screams of "treason" and all of that need to give way to more sophisticated and constructive critiques. We need to deal with FOREIGN INFLUENCE and both the perception and reality that foreign powers can buy access or influence -- not just the Russians, not just the Republicans. Progressives need proper mixes of scorn and alternative proposals to respond when the energy, pharmaceutical, insurance, firearms and so on lobbies go after us. One of the stupidest things that Democrats could do is become mirror image insulting and slandering blowhards like Donald Trump.
5. 'It's in the bag -- we are the presumptive next government' is a message we should let anyone stupid enough to make in the primary make. We on the left side of the party ought to just prove that this bandwagon stuff isn't true. The screeching 'WE'RE IN A CRISIS AND YOU HAVEN'T SENT MONEY!!!' stuff that's the hallmark of DCCC / corporate Democrat email campaigns we need to actively and more creatively mock. And it HURTS the Democratic cause to give money to people like this -- donate to individual candidates and groups with agendas to which you can relate instead. In the general election campaign expressions of complacency should be treated as enemy propaganda.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

The Lesser Evil is also Evil

The surest way to perpetuate Trumpian America, short of re-electing that sick bastard, is to install a Biden or Harris in his stead. They play at fighting Republicans, but, like most all centrist politicians, who play the hapless victim in allowing Republican goals to be met, they will never be on your side. They are mere speed bumps where roadblocks are necessary. They fight tooth and nail for the insurance companies and banks, while tossing you soothing slogans and apologies for keeping right wing policies alive and healthy. In war, they have gone over to the dark side. Centrist Democrats have become as bloodthirsty as the worst Republicans. You don't owe them your vote. Vote no more for the lesser evil, but only for progressives - state, local, federal.  

Sunday, May 19, 2019

I Got this From a post by Michael Moore

Hey everyone. You may have noticed I’ve done minimal posting the last couple of months. If you’ve thought, “he must be up to something,” you’d be right. Those of you who’ve followed me for years know that if you haven’t heard from me in a while it’s not because the Feds have taken me away (ha!), or that I’ve just said “fuckit I’m moving to Monaco.” I tend to go quiet when I’m working on a new project(s). Better (safer) that way. Best they don’t see me coming, if you get my drift. I don’t need to tell you that we are up against a mighty, mighty opponent. And more than one. Trump for sure, and of course an economic system that benefits the few at the expense of the many. But also ourselves, our own mentality that doesn’t understand how Trump will win again if we leave 2020 up to the same people that brought us 2016. I promise you what I’m “up to” is being designed to, in concert with what others are doing, to prevent that from happening again. But more on that in another post.
I’m writing today about something less earth-shattering but nonetheless symptomatic of the times in which we live. Tonight is the final episode of Game of Thrones (don’t worry there are no real spoilers here). For those of you who have not watched it for these eight seasons, I understand. I watched the first episode — two beheadings, three rapes and a 10-yr old boy being tossed out a tower window — and that was enough punishment for me. I didn’t come back to it for two years when I heard that the gratuitous bait for its male-intended audience had been reduced and that the story lines had become smarter (though no less intense). It turned out to be one of the most brilliant series ever on television.
But you may have heard a lot of people at work or school or online this week upset over the turn the series’ second-to-last episode took last Sunday night. Things did not go the way most Americans had hoped. And I get it. We are living in a dark, dark time. The cold chill of Trump’s winter envelopes us all now, and we are full of despair. Too many were convinced (or hoped) that at least this fantasy we were watching on TV would relieve us. Give us the ending we desperately need. Remind us that most people are good and that heroes exist. That the boy will get the girl (or the girl will get the girl). That we will all live in peace and prosperity.
But Game of Thrones last week refused to participate in our fantasy, refused to give us a shot of feel-good and instead reminded us that this is not only a dark time, the people we are clinging to to save us from the madness are not necessarily going to do that. Which puts it back on us.
And that’s what made last week’s episode so brilliant. At some point, amidst all the carnage, it must have dawned on some viewers that these monarchs were elected by no one and were, in the end, serving their own interests. That’s what those in power do. Give them a powerful military or a weapon that rains fire from the sky and they will use it to gain more power or to seek their revenge. To hell with the peon masses who now run for their lives. The images, which were straight out of Hiroshima and Dresden, were a reminder that the only time in history that nuclear weapons were unleashed on humanity (on civilians and children!) was done by the “good guys” — us! — the Best Nation on Earth! The Breaker of Chains!
Take last week’s episode for what it was - art imitating life, a reflection of our miserable, inexcusable condition where we seem to hold no power, our lives at the mercy of wealth and white rulers with all their unearned privilege. And when the monarch turns out to not be the monarch what will The People do? Have we had it with the figurative and literal incest in the Leader’s chambers? Will we rise up? Are we still sitting around waiting for the next pretty white boy who’s going to “save” us?
Let’s see what happens tonight.
Then let’s see what we all do tomorrow.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Took this from someone to share

I hope you all have not forgotten Bernie’s strategy: Virtually nothing will get done at the national level if we don’t elect enough Berniecrats at the state and local level. Too many progressives ignore this strategy but it’s what the republicans did to take over decades ago. If you are serious about this progressive revolution you will recruit, encourage, and support Berniecrat candidates at least as much as Bernie. There are many local elections in 2019. Find your Local Berniecrats local chapter and candidates in your area here:

Friday, May 3, 2019

Demand paper ballots

Under the centrists we have surrendered not only Roosevelt's New Deal, but also are enabling Republicans to consolidate their power over us. Bernie Sanders is the antidote. Don't waste your energy on other candidates. On the local level, look for progressives. Don't settle for conservatives; look beyond the label. Don't forget the words that launch a very famous document: "When in the course of human events -"