Sunday, June 30, 2019

North Korea

After decades of failure to deal logically with North Korea, we have President Trump stumbling into the situation. I thought, as did many others, that the early pis*ing match he instigated would lead to resumption of the war. Then, after a bit, he changed his tone and tried flattery. When he agreed to meet Kim Jong Un for talks, I was mightily relieved. I figured Trump would spend the rest of his term trying to con Un into doing exactly what he wanted him to do. So far he hasn't offered any concessions that would cause an intelligent man to take him up on it, but now he has set the stage for his successor to try to seize the opportunity to make a breakthrough. I am no expert on these things, but it seems to me that we should sign the peace treaty and relax the kind of sanctions that keep the country from feeding their people. Trump's bumbling ways may have accidentally done us all a favor.   

Friday, June 28, 2019


          In an older day, we heard much about elocution, good journalism, getting the facts straight - even honesty. Now, when I turn on the TV, I observe sloppiness, biased reporting, and everyone jabbering at once. I don't find it particularly edifying. In fact, it doesn't take me long to turn that stupid smart TV off. Some reporters have always lied to us, I am aware. Even Walter Cronkite had his moments. I am tired of being played for a sucker. Easy to relate to those who no longer own a TV.


Wednesday, June 26, 2019

I don't need no stinking debates

I know who organized them and I know the goal is for anybody but the progressives to come out looking good. I have known who to vote for for four years. Note: Many Bernie fans are contributing to him today, to make a statement.

So I will be working on my western novel instead.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Political Cartoonists

I find political cartoons these days too depressing to give a cursory glance. Not their fault, I guess. They don't have much to draw upon but the collapse of a fond illusion and pending downfall of a predatory empire. If I were a public figure I would be hustled from view in a hurry. My disillusion began, believe it or not, the day I realized Lyndon Johnson stood to be elected VICE president. I felt a dark presentement when I heard his name mentioned in that capacity. After that I could never warm up to JFK. Since then it has been one disillusion after another. No truly progressive leader is ever allowed to stand up for very long. I have not given up on Bernie Sanders' campaign, but the forces gathered against him are formidable. Oddly, the Democrats decrying of Republicans voting against their own best interests is a slogan that can now be applied to many Democrats.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Today on Twitter

I spent way too much time and energy on Twitter, this day. It had my dander up that so many who would naturally gravitate to Bernie Sanders were rallying to Elizabeth Warren, because they are being conned into thinking both represent the same thing. It's actually the first time I really had much give and take there. I don't like Twitter much at all. My account languished there for years before I became a regular. I would be happier if I gave it up, but, I lack the willpower. I have less than three hundred followers, possibly because I do more retweeting than actually sharing my own voice. Today, every time I saw a tweet boosting Warren I had to post a challenge. Likely, tomorrow, I will do it all again. 

Friday, June 21, 2019

Cenks Pledge - TYT

I was a big supporter of The Young Turks, because they claim to be progressive. But they are actively supporting a centrist named Elizabeth Warren, these days. I no longer will follow them. 

Cenk's pledge, which was signed by Elizabeth Warren, yesterday, fails to include ending forever wars, or mention of rights of Palestinians and refugees, among other important things. There is a link to the pledge on this blog.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Our cartoonish way of framing Iran

It would be comical, they are that inept and stupid, but for the disaster it portends. Sooner or later, Trump just might unleash the military on Iran. They have pulled out all the stops to so influence the man. I'm no genius, in any related category; but I see the personification of America as defender of the just exposed to everybody everywhere, for what it has always been: a cover for aggression and greed. Both political parties are in on it. Ironically, the younger me never believed, even when I marched to protest Vietnam, our people could be that bloodthirsty. The only answer would be for people everywhere to rise up by millions, for as long as it takes, to tell the murderous f*ckers to seek peace, instead, in all of our conflicts.   

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Catch 23

The Koch brothers want to make certain that Democrats remain centrists. They are expanding the scope of their bribery to include Democrats on the take. It says a lot about the Schumers and Pelosis of the world that these cretins want to perpetuate the status quo under such as they. The goal: No more AOCs. No win for Bernie Sanders. I honestly believe 2020 may be the final chance we get to begin to turn it all around. And don't be fooled by Elizabeth Warren. She is one of them, not a progressive.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The Little Children of the World

Maleah Davis is all of the abused children of the world, of whom number in the millions. In the United States we don't empower agencies to protect at risk children. All around the globe, even here, children are treated as expendable. They are collaterals of war. They are raped, forcibly married, starved to death, denied medicine by, among other things, political boycotts. The only way to change the situation would be to be better people, which would be transformative for all of society. We would beat our weapons into plowshares; women would be elevated among men; ethnic hatred would subside. So if I shed a tear for this precious child, it is also for every child, living or dead, who suffered abuse, extending to an entire race apparently in the process of exterminating itself. 

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Wikipedia misinforms

Wikipedia sucks

The article I have linked is by a cofounder of Wikipedia. It explains how big money interests sit on certain articles and guard the misinformation they want to have influence the public. Not many years ago, I discovered for myself that this is so. Two subjects with which I am intimately familiar were blatantly wrong - maliciously so. I corrected them both three or four times apiece. Later in the same day, in each instance, the bogus writing was restored. You can use Wikipedia to find out when Kirk Douglas was born, what movies he made, etc., and it's essentially a truthful article. Many historical and science articles are factual, or sincere, at least. But when power and money are involved, be extra wary.