Wednesday, July 31, 2019

2020 is Make or Break

Our nation was formed by invading white men, who swept over the continent, where it became the United States, displacing and killing off Native American nations, importing black slaves and displacing Mexicans from vast tracts of land. Persons with dark skin were not worth much, in their view. The government was essentially conservative. During a few decades of the 20TH Century, liberalism took hold, but rather quickly became dislodged, by the same conservatism that ruled before the Great Depression. Liberalism had given The New Deal, which created public works and built infrastructure, as well as dealing programs for the public as a whole, making possible Social Security and Medicare, paid by taxes that even the rich had to pay. Passing the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Roosevelt wanted to push for more, but he died a sudden death, before he could get started on it.

The conservatism that began killing off the New Deal was fueled by corporate treachery that sought to not just kill off as much safety net as could be gotten rid of, but to bully and brainwash the nation, transforming the people into a sea of compliant animals, to be worked as cheaply as possible, to allow corporate interests to keep all of the profit the people's efforts could generate: a nation of livestock is the ultimate aim, with no will and no right to think and act independently. Anything challenging their right to maximum profit, in every line of endeavor, will eventually be stamped out.

A progressive movement, aggressively believed in by the people, might challenge this scenario. But, right now, people may be unhappy, but I don't see that enough are woke enough to get on board. We should rise up, as did the population of Puerto Rico; perhaps there might be some hope for us.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Monday, July 22, 2019

Truthdig one of the sane ones

As I turn 75, there’s no simpler way to put it than this: I’m an old man on a new planet — and, in case it isn’t instantly obvious, that’s not good news on either score.

I still have a memory of being a camp counselor in upstate New York more than half a century ago. I was perhaps 20 years old and in charge of a cabin of — if I remember rightly — nine-year-old campers. In other words, young as they were, they were barely less than half my age. And here’s what I remember most vividly: when asked how old they thought I was, they guessed anything from 30 to 60 or beyond. I found it amusing largely because, I suspect, I couldn’t faintly imagine being 60 years old myself. (My grandmother was then in her late sixties.) My present age would have been off the charts not just for those nine year olds, but for me, too. At that point, I doubt I even knew anyone as old as I am now.

Yet here I am, so many decades later, with grandchildren of my own. And I find myself looking at a world that, had you described it to me in the worst moments of the Vietnam War years when I was regularly in the streets protesting, I would never have believed possible. I probably would have thought you stark raving mad. Here I am in an America not just with all the weirdness of Donald Trump, but with a media that feeds on his every bizarre word, tweet, and act as if nothing else were happening on the face of the Earth. If only.

A Demobilizing World

In those Vietnam years, when a remarkable range of people (even inside the military) were involved in antiwar protests, if you had told me that, in the next century, we would be fighting unending wars from Afghanistan to Somalia and beyond I would have been shocked. If you had added that, though even veterans of those wars largely believe they shouldn’t have been fought, just about no one would be out in the streets protesting, I would have thought you were nuts. Post-Vietnam, how was such a thing possible?

If you had told me that, in those years to come, the American military would be an “all-volunteer” one, essentially a kind of foreign legion, and that those who chose not to be part of it would endlessly “thank” the volunteers for their service while otherwise continuing their lives as if nothing were going on, I wouldn’t have believed you. If you had also pointed out that economic inequality in America would reach levels that might have staggered denizens of the Gilded Age, that three Americans would possess the same wealth as the bottom half of society, that a CEO would, on average, make at least 361 times the income of a worker, and that for years there would be no genuine protest around any of this, I would have considered it un-American.

If, in those same years, you had assured me that, in our future, thanks to a crucial Supreme Court decision, so much of the money that had gushed up to the wealthiest 1%, or even .01%, of Americans would be funneled back, big time, into what still passed for American democracy, I would have been stunned. That a 1% version of politics would essentially pave the way for a billionaire to enter the White House, and that, until the arrival of Bernie Sanders in 2016, protest over all this would barely be discernable, I certainly wouldn’t have believed you.

In sum, I would have been amazed at the way, whatever the subject, Americans had essentially been demobilized (or perhaps demobilized themselves) in the twenty-first century, somehow convinced that there was nothing to be done that would change anything. There was no antiwar movement in the streets, unions had been largely defanged, and even the supposed “fascist” in the White House would have no interest in launching a true movement of his own. If anything, his much-discussed “base” would actually be a set of “fans” wearing red MAGA hats and waiting to fill stadiums for the Trump Show, the same way you’d wait for a program to come on TV.

And none of this would have staggered me faintly as much as one thing I haven’t even mentioned yet. Had I been told then that, by this century, there would be a striking scientific consensus on how the burning of fossil fuels was heating and changing the planet, almost certainly creating the basis for a future civilizational crisis, what would I have expected? Had I been told that I lived in the country historically most responsible for putting those carbon emissions into the atmosphere and warming the planet egregiously, how would I have reacted? Had I been informed that, facing a crisis of an order never before imagined (except perhaps in religious apocalyptic thinking), humanity would largely demobilize itself, what would I have said? Had I learned then that, in response to this looming crisis, Americans would elect as president a man who denied that global warming was even occurring, a man who was, if anything, focused on increasing its future intensity, what in the world would I have thought? Or how would I have reacted if you had told me that from Brazil to Poland, the Philippines to England, people across the planet were choosing their own Donald Trumps to lead them into that world in crisis?

Where’s the Manhattan Project for Climate Change?

Here, let me leap the almost half-century from that younger self to the aging creature that’s me today and point out that you don’t have to be a scientist anymore to grasp the nature of the new planet we’re on. Here, for instance, is just part of what I — no scientist at all — noticed in the news in the last few weeks. The planet experienced its hottest June on record. The temperature in Anchorage, Alaska, hit 90 degrees for the first time in history, mimicking Miami, Florida, which was itself experiencing record highs. (Consider this a footnote, but in March, Alaska had, on average, temperatures 20 degrees warmer than usual.) According to figures compiled by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), not just that state but every state in the union has been steadily warming, compared to twentieth-century averages, with Rhode Island leading the way. Europe also just experienced a fierce heat wave — they’re coming ever more often — in which one town in southern France hit a record 115 degrees. India’s sixth-largest city, under its own heat emergency, essentially ran out of water. The sea ice in Antarctica has experienced a “precipitous” fall in recent years that shocked scientists, while a glacier the size of Florida there seems to be destabilizing (bad news for the future rise of global sea levels). As a NOAA study showed, thanks to sea-level rise, flooding in coastal American cities like Charleston, South Carolina, is happening ever more often, even on perfectly sunny days. Meanwhile, the intensity of the rainfall in storms is increasing like the one that dumped a month’s worth of water on Washington, D.C., one recent Monday morning. That one turned “streets into rivers and basements into wading pools,” even dampening the basement of the White House — and such storms are growing more frequent. Oh yes, and the world’s five hottest years on record have all occurred since 2014, with 2019 more or less a surefire add-on to that list on a planet on which the last 406 consecutive months have been warmer than the twentieth-century average. (By the end of the month of January 2019, that same planet in only 31 days had already set 35 records for heat and only two for cold.) And that’s just to start down a longer list of news about climate change or global warming or, as the Guardian has taken to calling it recently, the “climate emergency” or “climate breakdown.”

In response to such a world, sometimes — an exaggeration but not too much of one — it seems as if only the children, mainly high-school students inspired by a remarkable 16-year-old Swedish girl with Asperger syndrome, have truly been mobilizing. With their Friday school strikes, they are at least trying to face the oncoming crisis that is increasingly our world. In a way the adults of that same world generally don’t, they seem to grasp that, by not mobilizing to deal with climate change, we are potentially robbing them of their future.

In that sense, of course, I have no future, which is just the normal way of things. Our lives all end and, at 75, I (kind of) understand that I’m ever closer to stepping off this planet of ours. The question for me is what kind of a planet I’ll be leaving behind for those very children (and their future children). I understand, too, that when it comes to climate change, we face the wealthiest, most powerful industry on the planet, the fossil-fuel giants whose CEOs, in their urge to keep the oil, coal, and natural gas flowing forever and a day, will assuredly prove to be the greatest criminals and arsonists in a history that doesn’t lack for great crimes — and that’s no small thing. (In those never-ending wars of ours, of course, we Americans face some of the next most powerful corporate entities on the planet and the money and 1% politics that go with them.)

Still, I can’t help but wonder: Was the Paris climate accord really the best the planet could do (even before Donald Trump announced that the U.S. would pull out of it)? I mean, at 75, I think to myself: Where, when it comes to climate change, is an updated version of the Manhattan Project, the massive government research effort that produced (god save us) the atomic bomb? Or the Cold War version of the same that so effectively got Americans onto the moon and back? It was possible to mobilize at a massive level then, why not now? Imagine what might be done in terms of renewable energy or global projects to mitigate climate change if the governments of Planet Earth were somehow to truly face the greatest crisis ever to hit human life?

Imagine being the Chinese government and knowing that, by 2100, parts of one of your most populous regions, the North China Plain, will likely be too hot to be habitable. Grasping that, wouldn’t you start to mobilize your resources in a new way to save your own people’s future rather than building yet more coal-fired power plants and exporting hundreds of them abroad as well? Honestly, from Washington to Beijing, New Delhi to London, the efforts — even the best of them — couldn’t be more pathetic given what’s at stake.

The children are right. We’re effectively robbing them of their future. It’s a shame and a crime. It’s what no parents or grandparents should ever do to their progeny. We know that, as in World War II, mobilization on a grand scale is possible. The United States proved that in 1941 and thereafter.

Perhaps, like most war mobilizations, that worked so effectively because it had a tribal component to it, being against other human beings. We have little enough experience mobilizing not against but with other human beings to face a danger that threatens us all. And yet, in a sense, doesn’t climate change represent another kind of “world war” situation, though it’s not yet thought of that way?

So why, I continue to wonder, in such a moment of true crisis are we still largely living on such a demobilized world? Why is it increasingly a Trumpian planet of the surreal, not a planet of the all-too-real?

Sunday, July 21, 2019

I never truly grasped tribalism

I know tribalism plays a big part in the divide between left and right. But, every week it seems, the gap widens. The more a figure like Trump shouts ignorance and bigotry, the more his supporters love it. The more he bears down on destruction of once workable programs, the more government caves, even if it means voiding the law. And his people approve all of it. He almost certainly has taken part in raping children, but you would never guess it in right wing circles. He and Bill Clinton, to name only two likelies, are barely mentioned in the same context with the law.

Facts bounce like rubber when presented to the tribal mentality. If they grasp the point at all, it makes no difference. That is why the Trump followers can only be stopped at the polls. The only way to ensure an accurate vote count is to return to the paper ballot. The only way to beat the far right is to vote out not only Republicans, but also the mealy centrist Democrats. For their part in the corruption they should be made to register as Republicans.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Charles Shrugged

When I was still in the Navy, I began reading Ayn Rand and even received the Objectivist Newsletter from her. For about two months, I was enamored of her. Gradually, in the final weeks of my infatuation, I realized I myself was the world she shrugged off. I had been uncomfortable with my fellow objectivist, also a shipmate, as he planned his city founded on Rand's philosophy. I never could see myself, in any capacity, but a manipulated worker, in his schemes. He thought it his right to offer workers anything he chose to offer and they were free to accept or reject, but not free to collectively bargain. He hurt my feelings when he called Bertrand Russell some kind of a hideously unsavory bastard. One day, I asked him if he couldn't imagine the flowers raging against human industry. He looked at me with the sudden cognition that Charles had shrugged off the yoke of Rand's objectivism and I don't recall that we ever spoke again.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Commenting on my last post

I am guessing that Google is unhappy that I am using Brave instead of something like Chrome. The hardware won't let me post a comment to an article on my own blog. I've tried repeatedly to sign in. I want to clarify that I am not advocating for war, just puzzling that so much killing has no real point that I can discern, yet they go on, year after year.

Monday, July 15, 2019

I once tried to follow events in Syria

Early on, I recall Obama urging the opposition to fight Assad's government, with reassurances we would be there for them. As the war cranked up and ground on for a long time, it seemed our focus shifted and eventually the rebels were on their own. "Policy" seemed to shift with the wind. Then, Trump and Putin were okay with Assad remaining in power and we read about final assaults on rebel held positions repeatedly. What am I leaving out of this saga?. Putin moves in, we essentially move out. 

Saturday, July 13, 2019

This video will be removed

Update for November 20, 2019 / Discounts
This week's lead article covers an article that appeared in Zero Hedge about a shocking expose that The Wall Street Journal about internet censorship, the same phenomenon I discussed in my "Urgent Message" YouTube post last July. What follows are important messages you may have missed and our Discounts for November.

 "What has happened everywhere in the world is that nothing is any longer important but money. Therefore, everything is sacrificed for money. There is no shame, no honor, no integrity, no truth, no justice. Maybe the biblical prophesies are true, and Armageddon is our future. Who can say we don't deserve it?" [emphasis added]
 Paul Craig Roberts
Former Assistant Secretary, U.S. Treasury
1981-1982 / Taken from a recent article on Bolivia

Wall Street Journal
Confirms Exactly What We've Been Saying
As mentioned previously, I posted a YouTube last July, commenting on an article put out by Mike Adams at Natural News with the headline, "Google to block all anti-cancer, "anti-vax" and anti-GMO websites at the browser level as tech giant goes all-in with pharma drug cartels."
Since that article was released, my Black Salve book was censored on Amazon, (see article below). All Facebook groups discussing Black Salve -- one of the many areas that Alpha Omega Labs has worked in (and, in fact, an area which we pioneered online) have been removed. Most of the videos discussing Black Salve on YouTube, the video sharing service now owned by Google, have been systemically removed -- this despite the fact that I document the use of escharotic medicine, of which Black Salve is an applied subset, going back centuries.
All videos mentioning not just Black Salve, but -- sure enough -- videos that are critical of involuntary vaccinations, GMO, and alternative cancer products, modalities, or treatments have been targeted for removal. Even Mike Adams' own coverage of my illegal kidnapping in 2009 on the Alex Jones show has been removed. (Click here to see the saved copy on our own server. Incidentally, expect to see more people storing their videos privately, since it has now been made abundantly clear that ultimately NO VIDEO that discloses anything of any real substance at all will be allowed to remain at YouTube, or any other major video sharing provider.)
What's amazing about this Wall Street Journal article, as reported on Zero Hedge, is that it makes the argument that the Big Tech companies have morphed into crime syndicates running roughshod over the U.S. Constitution, operating like racketeering operations. How bad is it? It is so bad that the day after Zero Hedge posted its article, referencing the Wall Street Journal article, it was taken offline, probaby as a result of internal pressure. Because Google is one crime syndicate that's risky to oppose. Nonetheless, other news sites highlighted the original WSJ article, even though they were undoubted pressured to remove it -- including NakedCapitalism.comHotelMarketing.comBenton InstituteGV WireThinkLab, among many others.
What this means is something quite simple: we need you. Only you determine whether or not Alpha Omega Labs is able to continue or not. We are at the mercy of those who are aware of our efficacious products, produced and distributed over these past 30 years. We are now running about 40% lower in sales than we were before Google began seriously reworking the algorithms in the summer of 2018, making it difficult for people to even find us --- and placing orthodox medical authorities, critical of our work, at the top of search results.
When you think of natural products, please remember us -- because without your support, there is no Alpha Omega Labs.

Recent articles you might have missed:

Update on Black Salve Ban
Since Amazon censored Black Salve
We Have Secured Another Paperback Printer
Digital Version Still Available

 In an email that went out to customers on October 29th, we announced that Amazon had formally CENSORED the instructional book, Black Salve, from its website. As previously stated, our publisher, CreateSpace, is owned by Amazon, and has determined that the "content violates (our) guidelines," without specifying what that violation is. (They never do.) The book had been been available for sale even on Amazon, along with a couple of my other titles.
We knew all along that Black Salve that actually works is banned on Amazon.
(If you do a "search" for "Black Salve" on Amazon you get an assortment of marginal topical products that are not even escharotic preparations. I suppose the thinking is that if they co-opt the term "Black Salve," they'll turn this effective, ancient approach to ridding the body of malignant growths into an urban myth. Again, this is more application of Gresham's Law: the introduction of the bad will drive out the good, or more precisely in this situation, the introduction of the ineffective will dilute knowledge and use of the truly effective. This approach, as I've written about repeatedly, is a standard practice of the morally bankrupt, pharmaceutical industry. In addition to medicine, you can say the same technique applies to general science and education.) So, we knew they wouldn't allow effective product on the market, and we knew the reasons why.
Currently, the digital version of Black Salve is still available at my bookstore for $9.95. The paperback version will be online on November 22 at the same store site for those who want the paperback version. All orders up to October 26 have already gone out, any back orders for the paperback will be cleared out on November 22nd.
Questions about the book can be addressed to
Email Censorship @ Yahoo & AOL
If you use AOL or Yahoo as your mail provider
you may experience blocked email or email
ending up in your Spam folder
 If you use AOL or Yahoo as your provider, know that they --- like their blood brothers, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., are focusing on disrupting not only content, but communications that deal in subjects they don't like: Anti-mandatory-vaccination, anti-GMO, anti-orthodox-cancer therapy, etc. Anything and everything that doesn't support their large corporate backers. Yes -- it's true -- it's a full-fledged info war designed to minimize your civil rights and suppress information that isn't rigidly orthodox.
Currently, both AOL and Yahoo are blocking emails from our server, which means that if you are expecting correspondence from us, check your Spam folder. If not found there, simply write to us at or call us at (305) 851-2308.
Our New Social Media Site: MeWe
 Okay . . . we confess . . . we're not social media gurus. We answer all our email -- sometimes exhaustively, and we return all voicemail, but up to this point, social media hasn't been our strong suit. That may change now that Facebook just killed all Groups on its sites that deal in Black Salve, and YouTube has taken down as many videos as it can find that discuss any facet of Black Salve.
Just so we're clear, this is NOT just about Alpha Omega Labs. These actions are affecting many tens of thousands of companies and users, and it is exactly what I warned was coming last July.
So if you wish to stay in touch with us, I would ask that you join our Group and comment as you see fit . . . Here is the link you can use to join the group.
Bookmark Our Sites! Print Out Our Contact Sheet!
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Early this year we introduced a Prepper's Corner for those who are preparing for the exponential growth in chaos, particularly in the U.S., and the world that may (and will) probabaly result.
I published a book last year entitled, Living on the Precipice, of which the first three chapters are devoted to (the probability) of near-term human extinction. It's not a subject most of like to talk about, but I think it's important for people to be aware of the sad state of affairs in the world we all live in. It's 503 pages, and I understand that most of you wouldn't take the time to buy it, but let alone read it. However, you SHOULD know the broader details.
Two days ago, my good friend, Dr. Richard Sauder, who lives in Quito (Ecuador), a few hours north of me, sent me his latest blog entry. Richard has a blog entitled, "Event Horizon Chronicle." His latest lays out the clear evidence that, to quote my book's title, we really are living on the precipice..
It's extremely well-written, so I encourage interested parties to read this latest post --- it isn't 504 pages long, and it takes less than 10 minutes to read. It's time well-spent. For those who are prepared to act on the obvious, we offer discounts as deep as 65% off on the bundles that have been put together in the Prepper's Corner. This is significant given that our prices for most of the items in these bundles is already among the lowest to be found anywhere -- on or off the internet.
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