Saturday, April 25, 2020

A Win For Biden

I am firmly convinced that a win for Biden would normalize the changes Trump has made. He will double down on the oligarchy usurping democracy. He opens the door for 8 years of the same malfeasance. In 2024 progressives may be strong enough to wrest power from the two right wing parties that govern us. Probably not, since my gut tells me the opportunity already has slipped away. Both parties no longer hide the fact that only select voters are allowed to vote at all. I don't like the notion of civil war. Progressives have got to form a new party and learn how to wrest away power and better do it quickly. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Mark Charles
I'm looking into this man for a write in in November

The conquest is just about complete

For simplicity, I use the term, the Military-Industrial complex, as I say that civilization has been conquered by the very wealthy. In their greed, these same entities are fighting among themselves on a global scale that just could lead into full scale WW III. By boldly and openly erecting a wall between the people and the election of our government, one of the best instruments for shrugging off the yoke is gone. We are livestock to their interests and the only increments that matter are how they jolly us as they very slowly slip the chains in place. It barely matters which party wins the next election.  

Monday, April 6, 2020

The first problem with Biden

Foremost when judging Biden as a candidate is that he is failing both mentally and physically. He is incapable of governing even badly. Should he be foolish enough to debate Trump, Trump would take him apart. Not that Trump can debate effectively, but he understands Biden. As for Biden's other disqualifying features, does everyone know how to use Google? Ok then I encourage the following searches:
Joe Biden segregationist Joe Biden social security Joe Biden Iraq War Joe Biden sexual assault Joe Biden plagiarism Joe Biden Nelson Mandela Joe Biden voter attacks Joe Biden teleprompter

I cut and pasted that from Twitter.

The only reason Biden stands to win the nomination is because the DNC rigged the vote count in his favor. I will be hated for saying it, but I will not vote for Biden or Trump. Democrats berate Republicans for voting against their own best interests and then they do the exact same thing.