Friday, May 29, 2020

Revolution - Or ?

As I write this, protestors are wrestling to pull away the barricades at the White House. CNN is being seriously damaged. A police station has been destroyed. Protests are spreading across this nation. Many on Twitter call it "revolution." But I've seen it too many times. The establishment has the power and will eventually grind all the protests to a halt. In the end we will have few changes, if any, to point to. Just one more historical point on a map of "revolutions." This affair will be played down by future leaders and educators and only be a scar on our consciousness after the way of the Watts riots. It is too strongly entrenched in our culture to allow for equality among ethnicities and poor folks. The establishment plays on this and it has enforcers to see to it that it stays like that. Face it. Brave New World and 1984 are not, nor were they ever, fiction. The original Black Panthers and Martin Luther King were rooted out by the establishment because they sought to elevate common people. To make them no longer subservient. Subservient will forever describe us unless we wake up and take destiny into our own hands.   

Thursday, May 14, 2020

But it's our money

In my younger days, I was proud to pay my taxes, telling others, "It gets us infrastructure, schools, police and fire protection, among other benefits." That was before I came to understand that non-tax-paying interests were hogging our money to their own uses, sacrificing the public's needs in every aspect. Their propaganda is massive and effective, causing the public to question their own rights to be served. A quiescent public allows the government to award its money to big business interests, including the military, while cautioning that giving away money for public works and improving the safety net equals dangerous socialism. To expect a return on our money is to engage in class war, they say.

But, goddammit, it's our money they wallow in. OUR MONEY.

To them, giving the big interests trillions of our money for free equals no problem. Ask for infrastructure or medicare for all, get an indignant: Just how are we going to pay for that? I will tell you how.

Quit giving away our tax money to these freeloaders. Make the corporations and churches pay substantial taxes. Vote in politicians who give an actual shit about their constituents. You would be amazed how quickly the country recovers equilibrium. 

In closing, I urge the public to get a backbone and demand the following. "It's my money and I want it spent to benefit me for once." 

Sunday, May 10, 2020