Monday, July 6, 2020

Trump Speech on Stolen Ground

”Last night, the Trump administration played the song “Garryowen” before the fireworks. “Garryowen” was the official battle tune, and nickname, of the 7th Cavalry Regiment, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer. The tune has come to symbolize the wholesale massacre of Native Americans at the hands of white people. And someone in the Trump camp thought it would be a good idea to play that tune at an event staged on land stolen from Native Americans. (The Treaty of Fort Laramie, in 1868, gave the Sioux Nation possession of the Black Hills, but the U.S. Government broke the treaty). This is a special kind of dog whistle. It probably meant nothing to the MAGA folks in the crowd, but Native Americans know what that tune means.
He then started his speech, on land stolen from Native Americans (the Supreme Court ruled on that point), and mentioned that a memorial he would like to see is one for Andrew Jackson, who forced the Trail of Tears on Native Americans.
This is the most vile administration the country has ever seen, and none of it is a coincidence."
Please remember that Trump isn't this smart and keyed in. There's a team of people behind this human shitstain that knows exactly what they're doing to push the cruelest buttons at just the right moments. We've got to get them all out of there and it's not going to be easy or pretty.”
— From Mason Butler
Via Dimitra Stathopoulos

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