Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Joe is a Soup Nazi

 “Joe Biden owes us!”

No he don’t cuz he sat there and told you to your face he had no plans of giving you anything in exchange for your vote lol

"No soup for you."

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Electoral College

 I was mistaken thinking the electoral college can vote any way it wants to in this or any other election. There are rules set down by each state that pretty much guarantees the popular vote will prevail without special circumstances that are also covered. In short, Trump has no chance to become der ruler next year and likely knows it. He's just being an as*hole while taking his base for more money. But there is more to it. I have been reading that Republicans are using this time to burrow into the structure of our government loyalists to carry on their work. I suspect Biden will ignore it, because he secretly approves. 

Here's hoping Trump's legal entanglements keep him out of politics after Joe "der new leader" Biden takes over. Under der Biden expect a more orderly continuation of the SOS (same old dootie). 

There is not much help coming and most of it will fizzle once past the rhetoric stage. Dystopia is now, not in some sci/fi novel. 

Monday, November 16, 2020

Biden For Sure

 I think I can move my concentration to dealing with a Biden presidency now. Which I believe will be remarkably like a Trump presidency without the daily cowboy saloon fights. I plan to bash him remorselessly for not being a socialist. I plan to point out that he will be thrashed by the Republicans in the next two elections if he does not attempt to rebuild our safety net and if he does not seek to attain for us an economic package to see the people through the recession and pandemic. I will scream in his ear: "We want universal health care. Your dead son had health care. We want some too." He has to try to empty the prisons of the unjustly imprisoned. He has to sincerely stand up to racism. Lastly, I plan to hate his guts for his war policies.

We have got to have a viable third party, and soon. Not the Greens. Forget them; nobody takes them seriously, except to blame for lost Democratic elections. I don't have the skills or influence to work on such a party, but I know it when I see it and will voice my support and pledge my vote if it ever comes along.

Looking back on Trump, I will say this: He humanized North Korea. I hope a future president will take the next step of taking our foot off of their economic neck. But he closed Cuba again and effed up most everything else. 

So much rides on controlling the pandemic. I hope Biden can get a handle on a workable policy. 

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Losing Followers

I've been losing followers on Twitter since I mentioned how it is legal if Republican electors disregard the vote and hand their states to Trump. I don't make the rules or events. Don't blame me for pointing it out. It's not as though I am willing it to happen. I abhor the dishonoring of the institutions that normally work well. 

Also, despite eking out a presidential win, the rest of the Democratic Party, true to the model set by Hilary and Obama, has continued to hemorrhage local and national power, because they refuse to allow in any vestiges of left-wing thought, refuse to endorse doing a solitary effing thing to support the working class. The working class has given up on Democrats because they are so insular and donor motivated. Only leftist Democrats did very well on Nov. 3rd. The workers may suspect that Trump is a fraud, but they generally believe Republicans are more on their side for the long haul. Democrats who shake their head over people who vote against their own self-interests by voting Republican continue to ask them to vote against their own self-interests by voting for centrist Democrats. Next year will, in my view, experience continued gridlock and the further decline of the fortunes of the working and middle classes. So far I don't see how we can avoid a Great Depression. I wish to be wrong about all of this. I also wish to win the lottery.   

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Coup Coup ka Ju

 It took me a while to fully understand that Trump is engineering a coup and that he has some chance of success. All the other explanations I have been learning about fall by the wayside. He thinks he can get the delegates from key states to ignore the vote and hand the presidency to Trump. I don't hear the Democrats sounding an alarm. As far back as the Forties, I had read about how easy it might be to do this but until now nobody wanted to try. I don't give a shit about Biden, but this crumbling of the entire government to the Trump onslaught should be the final straw for anybody on the fence. If nobody puts up a proper fight right now - - - 

Monday, November 9, 2020

We are Truly F

alling down the rabbit hole. In fact, we may despise a Biden presidency fully as much as a Trump presidency before long. I have seen clips of kindly Uncle Joe explaining how he intends to employ science to fight the virus, but can't recall him demanding the sort of economic package it will take to see us through perilous times. All I see is his pulling in Republicans and enemies of progressives and war hawks. Well, in his own words, "I have no empathy."  

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Mitch, Pelosi, and Biden

 The beat goes on. Despite right-wing protests to the contrary, the wholesale march of Americans to the extreme right may now accelerate with a Biden presidency. Gone is the insane drama. But the insane policies can now be normalized without drama, with the liberals' assent. "Now we are 'normal' they will say as they get snookered yet deeper into the morass. The negotiations for stimulus are about getting out as meager a package as they can stick us with. Biden himself said not to be expecting substantive change.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020


Never in my wildest, most perverted fantasies would I have believed Joe Biden would become president. But I should have known better. I never thought Nixon, the Bushes, or Trump stood a chance. The bar sank lower each time until even a Donald Trump could be President. So why not Biden? After him, Kamala Harris, which is equally ludicrous. Now I must change it to "Never in my wildest, most perverted fantasies could I believe a Bernie Sanders will become President." We are truly screwed.

What disturbs me the most I think is how partisans for both sides don't really care about their favored candidate's character or their record. What disturbs me equally the most is how it is overlooked that the favored candidate lies to get elected and then proceeds to ignore the needs of their constituents, and in fact enacts laws and programs designed to fleece the constituents of the last penny. Some put a pleasant face on it and make a few token gestures to make it appear they are concerned for our welfare. As Peter Wiess wrote, "When the giver bends to the beggar he throbs with contempt."

At 78, I am nearing the end of my run on this planet. My fondest wish before I go is to see the nation healed and citizens of all stripes receive equal societal justice. The time is too short, I know - - -     

Monday, November 2, 2020

Will the chaos subside even a little with Joe?

 Let's assume Joe gets the vote and manages to wash the ___________ out of the White House, the way I have seen a gardener hose a gopher out of a hole. Will he allow the right-wing troublemakers to perpetuate the violence against the left? Will he work to get us a proper pandemic economic package? Will he move at all on health care? You who think upon him as FDR reincarnate have to realize Roosevelt did not at first have any notion close to the New Deal. It was thrust upon him by the fortunes of history. If Biden misses all of the signals he will become the ignominious failure I fully expect him to be. Roosevelt indeed.

Only a leader of vision could turn us around. The potential such quality leaders have been resisted much more viciously than they resisted Trump's thugs. Biden says don't expect much to change. In fact, the impending depression will make many of the changes for him. Uncharted territory, as they say. Come on, Joe. Don't just be one of history's greater gaffs.