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River of Shit

Saturday, January 23, 2021

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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Chewing the Cud

 I don't get any joy out of Trump's impeachment. Sure, it was necessary, but it addresses no problems that confront us. Virtually everybody with any power to sway the system to do the actual people's work is oblivious to our suffering. Unless I am blind I don't see any movement to aid materially beyond applying occasional band-aides. Why do we pay so much in taxes without getting anything back?

I don't have to make lists of the failures we face. You already know. What I want to know is how do we get the rest of the public to decide "we won't take it anymore?" Without them we are being treated as the livestock of the wealthy. 

Monday, January 11, 2021


 Release economic and racially incarcerated prisoners, such as pot convicted, to make room for the ones who would overthrow the legally elected government. Beginning with the head agitator, but including all who encouraged it, regardless of their station in life. One ought never to call for execution of any prisoners, just life without parole.

Remaining contemptuous of most other elected officials, preferring to pressure them to change or quit - never advocating to take them prisoner or build them a gallows.

Philip Wylie (1902-1971), who wrote Generation of Vipers and sci-fi novels, once told how easily a coup could be engineered. I believed him but never saw it about to be attempted before less than a month ago. I thought it more likely we would be impoverished, entertained, and brainwashed into submission by the oligarchs. Now it has been quashed, I look forward with dread to a more likely civil war or at least generalized attacks by persons of the ilk that support DJT.

I sometimes entertain a notion that Black American officials ought to be the mainstay of the government. The black people of my personal experience seem more level headed about justice and solving social problems than the rest of us. Has to be tempered by the admonition that absolute power absolutely corrupts. But I mean just for a decade or so and then allow other ethnicities to run if so inclined. Just a notion.     

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

People I Know idolize Trump

 When I was growing up a politician had to wear the liberal label to get elected. Here in Texas they mostly had to be conservatives in fact but still wear the label. Even as the safety net began to erode and the nation became less and less liberal, conservative thought had to be ridiculed when it reared its misshapen bumpy head. John Birch numbskulls. When Limbaugh began his broadcasts that made racism and conservatism publicly acceptable we had long since succumbed to Reaganism and Bushism. An evergrowing number of the working class now ridicules liberalism with the same fervor liberals did them when they had the power. As President, Trump personifies this liberation of previously repressed Country Folks Can Survive individualism and racism. People I may love otherwise post memes of Trump as a christlike figure doing the work of the people. The emotion behind this movement which has come to believe anything labeled Democrat has no right even to exist is burning white hot these days. I personally believe that only a population becoming radicalized left can swing the pendulum in the people's favor. But there has to be something tangible to stir the emotions and ease the people's fear. I also believe the time for it is now. Now or never get the chance in an increasingly fascistic state.  

Monday, January 4, 2021

What's with elected leftists?

 On Twitter the left is devouring itself it seems. Mainly over "The Squad" suddenly acting like liberals. There is no action on the progressive ideas they campaigned on. Even Bernie immediately caved when Barak "the Enforcer" Obama paid him a visit. I refuse to believe any of them abandoned their principles. There has to be some nefarious secret threat. Maybe their families were threatened. Maybe something I haven't the information and the wit to conceive. Whatever, we are in a sort of backwash at present. Leftists know what we want, just haven't the cohesiveness it takes to inspire the public to rise up and demand our rights. Something's got to give, and soon. 

Sunday, January 3, 2021

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Endless Investigations By Republicans

I came to understand today that the greatest end game the Republicans are playing is not intended to overturn the election, but, for the party at large, to continue the strategy that cost Hillary Clinton the election in 2016. This not connected to the insanity of Trump, who likely seriously thought he could bully his way into a second term. The strategy of endless investigations of Democrats began in earnest when Bill Clinton was president, with Whitewater and such. But it only became a game-winner with Benghazi. They knew Hillary was innocent the whole time but managed to keep it all before the public for years, causing millions to distrust her. In fact, Benghazi still has potency for those millions. She is rightfully hated, in my opinion, but for different reasons.

In short, the Republicans will launch investigations into every Biden/Harris issue they come across, to instill distrust in the public. 

This post is not intended to generate affection for any Democrats. I honestly dislike both parties almost equally.     

Friday, January 1, 2021


 Foremost: Survive 2021.

New decade, same problems.

Resist, resist, resist, resist.

Demand help for your brothers and sisters.

Demand equality for your brothers and sisters.

Demand taxation for the rich.

Demand the right to vote in honest elections, recipient of most votes wins.

Demand government-funded healthcare.

Downfund and reorganize police and military and militarized government agencies, such as CIA and FBI.

Stop selling weapons on the international market. 

Quit destabilizing and orchestrating coups in legitimate governments.

etc. etc. etc.